About Us

AlNokhatha Group of Companies Sharjah UAE

Longevity: Marketing real estate for sale or lease so property owners obtain the best possible outcome
Excellent Reputation: Real Estate Group has an excellent reputation in the market and in the communities we serve.
Resourceful: Real Estate Group is a valued firm in the community with thousands of high profile contacts.
Full Variety of Services: Help sellers get the most money for their purchases.
Advanced Regional & National Marketing Capabilities: We help you reach more people with our ability to market property on local, regional, and national levels.
Our Team: Real Estate Group is small, focused and dedicated team of agents and staff who are committed to excellence for the customer experience.
Industry Knowledge: We value this training and education and this expertise gives provides us an edge in this industry.
Experience: Help sellers price their properties fairly based on current local market conditions with our research and expertise.
Resourceful: Real Estate transactions can have many road blocks along the way and so it is very important to be able to know who to contact to work through the barriers that may prevent the transaction.

Despite the magnitude and complexity of the real estate market, many people tend to think the industry consists merely of brokers and salespeople. However, millions of people in fact earn a living through real estate, not only in sales but also in appraisals, property management, financing, construction, development, counseling, education, and several other fields.