“Financial consultant” is a somewhat antiquated term that’s largely been replaced by the term “financial advisor.” Financial consultants may work for a firm or as a self-employed contractor, and their clients may be companies or individuals. Both financial consultants and financial advisors help others make educated financial decisions, particularly investment decisions. Many are experts in comprehensive financial planning. Financial consulting is a service provided by Certified Financial Consultants to large corporations, government agencies and individual clients. The role of a financial consultant is to provide an independent, expert opinion on a proposed business plan or decision.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement. We partner with clients in long-term, trusted financial advisory relationships. We strive to provide financial peace of mind by delivering tailored objective advice designed to give clients the confidence to pursue their own passion, dreams and talents.

Our business philosophy is based on the establishment of long-term client relationships. We realize that such relationships cannot be established simply by picking random stocks and bonds.

Instead, we recognize that our clients' needs are complex and require an overall investment strategy. By listening carefully to each client and placing his or her needs first, we work to apply a comprehensive, need-driven investment approach to their portfolios.

A comprehensive approach toward investment planning is the guiding principle at Financial Consultant Group. Our company is committed to studying all of its clients' needs including long-term financial planning. From there, we work carefully with each individual client to custom-design a complete investment program.