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A community management statement (CMS) is a document that set up rules and regulations for living in a corporate entity, its development, shared property that is divided among individual lots and the rules for payment.

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Contribution schedule, interest schedule, and schedule of lot entitlements.

  • Business Structure: What business structure will your company take, a sole proprietorship, an LLC, a partnership or a corporation? This determination will form the basis for the rest of the areas in this section.
  • Management Team: Who will oversee the company? If you’re forming a corporation, who will make up the Board of Directors? An organizational chart can be a good visual to use to illustrate this element.
  • Management Team Gaps: What are your anticipated personnel needs? How will each role, once filled, contribute to the success of your company?
  • Other Personnel: Aside from your Board and employees, what external support will help the business function? This could include attorneys, accountants, public relations professionals, administrative support and even an external advisory board.
  • Personnel Growth Plan: What are the salaries of each person to be involved with the company for the next three years? This should provide a bottom line cost for personnel expenditures.

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