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Building management systems

Building management systems are computer-based systems used to monitor and control building services. They help building managers understand how buildings are operating and allow them to control and adjust systems to optimize their performance.

Energy generation, distribution and supply

Energy is generated from several different sources and delivered through a transmission system by distribution network operators to end users.

Escalators and lifts

A lift (or elevator) is a form of vertical transportation between building floors, levels or decks, commonly used in offices, public buildings and other types of multi-store building. Lifts can be essential for providing vertical circulation.

Façade engineering

In its broadest sense, the term ‘façade’ can refer to any predominantly vertical face of a building envelope, such as an external wall. Façade engineering refers to designing a high-quality façade that enhances the energy efficiency and long-term sustainability of the building.

Fire safety, detection and protection

Buildings need to be designed to provide an acceptable level of fire safety and minimise the risks from heat and smoke. Building services can present a major ignition risk. Plant rooms, boiler houses and kitchens and so on should be sited where their threat is minimised.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

HVAC systems can be centralized in a building, or local to the space they are serving, or a combination of both (for example, local air handling units supplied by centrally-generated cooling). They may also be connected to a wider district heating or cooling network.

Information and communications technology (ICT) networks

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) describes technologies and equipment that can be used to communicate as well as to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data.


The term ‘lighting’ refers to equipment the primary purpose of which is to produce light. This is typically some form of lamp. However, lighting can also refer to the use of natural light to provide illumination.

Security and alarm systems

As well as the security of physical property it is also important to protect equipment, staff, visitors, and information. Security can also be an important consideration on construction sites.