A Lasting Commitment

AlNokhatha Businessmen Services Office was established specifically to help investors and businessmen establish their businesses and companies in the Emirate of Sharjah at a high speed and unprecedented efficiency. The center is the first of its kind in the emirate and provides an integrated set of solutions and all government services directed to investors under one roof One advanced platform to facilitate the business establishment in a record time not exceeding 60 minutes providing all governmental and administrative services for commercial licenses and doing business in the Emirate of Sharjah Outstanding customer service and dedicated experts to provide investors with the best business advice.

Our Mission is that the Sharjah Foreign Direct Investment Office – Invest in Sharjah – launched the AlNokhatha Office for Businessmen Services with the aim of creating a specialized platform that facilitates the establishment of businesses and the completion of transactions for investors from Emirati citizens, Arabs, and foreigners in the emirate. To this end, our mission includes the following aspects: • Providing an advanced one-stop shop to facilitate business establishment procedures and services for investors and businessmen • Providing integrated and comprehensive government solutions to enable investors to complete the formal procedures necessary to establish businesses with the speed and efficiency they require and expect • Enhancing the growing investment environment in Sharjah and upgrading its efforts to facilitate procedures for establishing and doing business.

Our Vision is that AlNokhatha Businessmen Services is highly regarded as a distinguished destination providing high-level services to investors with innovative initiatives and forward-thinking. The vision of the company is represented by the following axes and tasks. Enhancing the economic position of the Emirate of Sharjah as a business-friendly environment and a regional gateway to global markets. Developing a supportive and attractive investment environment for local, Arab and foreign investors. Continue to develop our facilities and facilities and support them with the latest resources and capabilities. Simplifying government services and strengthening the emirate’s efforts to improve the services provided to investors. Supporting the efforts of the Sharjah government to build and strengthen partnerships between the public and private sectors.